About Us

We define ourselves by the faith others have in us. So, we take a detailed, professional approach to everything we do.

For our residents that means providing a high-end living experience, through superior customer service, solid craftsmanship, stylish design, and endless amenities.

For our team that means promoting a gratifying work environment, while allowing them to utilize their specialized skills to create the best possible answers.

For our neighboring communities that means offering the needed support and service that will contribute to its strength and well-being.

And for our investors that means doing our homework, creating the necessary balance of proactive asset management and strategic market analysis required to capture maximum performance and achieve long-term success.

Our History

Long before we began, we knew exactly what we wanted to be. Creators of living space that was different—but more importantly—living space that made a difference. In quality, details, style and service.

After graduating from LSU, Deane Bryson began his career in commercial real estate. In recent years, he handled over $300 million in real estate transactions, and quickly acquired a well-deserved reputation in his field. John Buzzell, fellow LSU grad and financial strategist, was brought into the same firm. It was there that a friendship—and a shared vision of operating a property development and management company—began.

The two quickly earned their first multi-family construction loan, which allowed them to break ground on their first project. Twelve months later, Creekside Crossing opened its doors.

That same year, the two founded Bearing Point Properties, a development, acquisition and management company, as well as Bearing Point Property Management. In 2018, the partners continued additional developments in the Southeast region.

With a strong attention to detail and quality, and a long-term commitment to every project, Bearing Point Properties has emerged as a viable competitor in real estate development and management—offering unique opportunities for our investment partners—and making a true difference in the lives of those we serve.


To be known within the communities we serve—as a dependable real estate development and management company, consistently providing properties with exceptional levels of service, management, style, comfort and amenities, as well as creating and sustaining long-term value for our partners.


To continuously grow in service, by enhancing the lives of our residents, enriching the careers of our employees, supporting the humanitarian efforts of the communities in which we build, work and live, and delivering significant results for our investors.


  • Develop properties that are industry touchstones of quality, design and distinction.
  • Remain involved, vigilant supporters of constructive community efforts.
  • Hold our company and team to a level of integrity that’s above industry standards, and beyond expectations.
  • Nurture professional and prosperous relationships with our investment partners.
  • Regard each of these values as unwavering and non-negotiable.

Our Future

Our game plan for the future is simple: Stay focused on the job at hand, while never losing sight of the job ahead. In order to achieve this, we remain committed to:

  • Strengthening our reputation in the development, construction and management of market-leading communities.
  • Maintaining an uncompromising approach to our long-range plans for growth.
  • Providing long-term investment opportunities that are as pragmatic as they are profitable.
  • Incorporating proven, methodologies to better manage our properties, and better communicate with our residents and stakeholders.
  • Assembling an experienced team of professionals who share our vision and passion.
  • Bringing social impact and true value to each community we serve, taking an active role in assuring their growth and sustainability.