HUD Consulting

Bearing Point specializes in bringing the right people together to guide you through every phase of your project. From ground breaking to grand opening and beyond, we have the experience and commitment to ensure your vision stays on schedule and on budget for the best possible financial outcome.

At Bearing Point, we offer our clients professional guidance throughout the entire HUD process, including:

Assist and consult clients in:

  • Preparing and attending concept meetings
  • Securing Pre-application invitation, firm application invitation and firm commitment for the project
  • Endorsement meeting / construction loan closing
  • Coordinating HUD schedule

Advise clients on HUD-required consultants such as:

  • Architect, General Contractor, Property management firm
  • Cost certification, environmental, market study & appraisal and green energy consultants

Assist during construction and post-construction by:

  • Attending all on-site meetings
  • Consulting on all HUD requirements, documents and cost certification throughout process

Advise throughout purchase or re-finance process on:

  • All HUD-required critical / non-critical repairs and completion
  • Post-closing escrow requirements