HUD Consulting

Alongside the MAP lender, it is our mission to advise our clients to a successful HUD endorsement, including ground up, rehab or refinance projects. It is our consulting principle that the client will always remain the owner and/or developer responsible for the project. Bearing Point will serve solely as a third-party consultant to the owner/developer throughout the entire pre-development and construction process to final endorsement.


Sawgrass Point Exterior


HUD 221(d)4 and 223(f)

BPP provides its clients guidance, and the needed professional experience, through entire HUD process including concept, pre-application, firm-commitment, initial endorsement, construction, and final endorsement. Briefly, the service includes:

  • HUD(MAP) Lender Sourcing
  • Consult clients on Project Structure and HUD General Requirements
  • Advise clients on HUD required project consultants
  • HUD Concept Meetings
  • HUD Pre-Application
  • HUD Firm Application
  • Attend Initial Endorsement Meeting/Construction Loan Closing
  • Construction
  • Post-Construction
  • Purchase or Refinance – HUD 223(f) or HUD 223(a)(7)
  • Advise clients post-closing on escrow requirements, if any
  • Advise throughout Critical and Non-Critical Repair Completion