Meet our Team: Jennifer Spiers

“Property management was led to me.”

Immediately out of school, Jennifer Spiers began her property management career as a part-time leasing consultant. Shortly after, she was promoted, and within two years had landed her first position as a Property Manager. It was evident that she had a knack for solving problems and could make a successful career out of improving the lives of residents and elevating the efficiency of the properties she works with.

Over the years, she worked in various on-site positions, then led regional management teams, and in 2019 joined Bearing Point Properties (BPP) as the Director of Property Management. Since joining BPP she has successfully leased up and stabilized Sawgrass Point, a 272-unit, Class-A property located just outside of Baton Rouge, LA, in less than 12 months and has brought every other property in BPP’s portfolio to the top of their respective submarkets in new leases, rent growth, and renewals.

After creating and implementing the systems in place to address the COVID-19 pandemic, we sat down with Jennifer to discuss how she spends her time in and outside of the office.

What attracted you to Bearing Point Properties?

I noticed something special and different with Bearing Point as they entered the Baton Rouge scene. The quality of projects really stood out to me. Their innovative approach to development, property management, and business in general was appealing. I could see a clear track to success in the future of Bearing Point. When the opportunity came to join forces with them, I knew it was right on many levels.

What makes you so successful as a leader in Property Management?

In property management, employee turnover is detrimental to success. I have a consistent track record of successfully reducing turnover and creating lasting teams. Investing time and energy into career development and enhancing the lives of people is and always will be my greatest accomplishment.

In a very general sense tell me how you run your day-to-day at Bearing Point.
I use 90-minute focus blocks to tackle the most urgent items daily. This has been the most effective tool for effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity. Wrike and ResMan are my favorite technology tools to manage projects. Coupling these management methods together creates a powerful system of getting things done, staying organized, and leaves a margin in my schedule for the most important aspect of property management, the people.

What do you do when you aren’t leading Bearing Point Property Management?

I am very adventurous and outdoorsy, so I love all the Louisiana sportsman’s paradise activities. Whether it is hunting, fishing, hiking or biking, I enjoy it! I also make time to learn new things.

What’s your favorite vacation spot?

I like the typical opposite weather experience with beaches in the winter and mountains in the summer.

If you could eat one thing right now what would it be?

Bacon or ribeye steak. Yes, its true.

What advice would give to someone just beginning a career in Property Management?

Position does not always give you power you need to lead well. What people perceive in you is the reality. Building trust in your team takes intentionality and humble leadership. Use the Golden Rule in all your dealings. Listen well and think like an owner. Having influence over people is a great responsibility, use it well.

What are your goals for Bearing Point Property Management both Now and Later?

Sustainable growth both locally, regionally, and nationally. I want Bearing Point Property Management to be known as a leader in our industry. I think that we have the capacity and tools to grow into a nationally recognized, reliable provider of property management services for Bearing Point’s portfolio and for other owners.